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The most commonly heard comment about my Cyberhenge designed website is "You have a very beautiful website" William Robbins

We are proud to announce our newest sites:

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Moon Metalsmithing

Madera Bowls
Madera Bowls Home Page

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Jim Cohen Judaica home page


What can Cyberhenge do to meet your online needs?

Cyberhenge is a company that specializes in helping artists, artisans, and dealers in fine goods with websites and web technology. Our clients include artists, designers, and dealers, as well as other small business owners. Our sites display art, furniture, clothing, jewelry, ceramics and Americana. This is not to say that we discriminate against other kinds of clients. We serve a pediatrician, a psychotherapist, two advertising agencies, and other small businesses. Our marketing focus is the arts community, but we will serve anyone we can adequately support.

Art galleries and antique dealers appreciate Cyberhenge’s ability and willingness to focus on the idiosyncratic needs of their businesses. Rare book dealers also appreciate the attention that Cyberhenge can offer them. We build websites that are designed – crafted, if you will – to showcase unique products and enterprises. Cyberhenge creates web designs that are online brochures for your customers to browse and online catalogues that your customers can peruse at their leisure. The designs will reflect the special nature of your business, and will always be as current, well-presented and interesting as we can make it together.

If you are not sure whether your site is as good as it can be, Cyberhenge will review it with you. We will not only examine the technical and design elements. We will also analyze how well it fits your broader business needs.

Cyberhenge can offer solutions for inventory and customer databases to clients who may not have time or energy to devote to technical matters. We can help your art gallery with its business computer system or your business information system. Our systems will allow art dealers, artisans, artists, or art consultants to track sales, inventory, and other types of information that are unique to your business. In a business where merchandise is, by definition, unique, specialized information systems are a pressing problem, and Cyberhenge solves your problems in this arena. You will be able to reference customer correspondence and purchase histories, if you wish. Your data is maintained on Cyberhenge’s secure servers, which you can update and access from your computer no matter where you are. Your sensitive information is safe from viruses or crashes that may affect your local computer system.

Cyberhenge’s technical support staff is available to solve any problems you may have and help to keep your site and databases current. For owners of businesses where unique items – the sorts of things that cannot be summed up with a bar code – are sold on a regular basis, it’s important to work with a web consultant who understands business from your perspective. Cyberhenge is the ideal web site developer, designer, and host for people working in the arts. This support is not restricted to the customers whose sites we host. It is available to anyone who needs our help.

Cyberhenge: an artisanal web services company.


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