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Cyberhenge, Inc.

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Who are we at Cyberhenge?

Cyberhenge was formed in 1997 to help organizations take advantage of the Internet., which has levelled the business playing field. For the first time nearly every business can present itself to the entire world for modest cost. With the right help, you can afford global information distribution and management, easy customer contact, enhanced marketing, and streamlined data processes.

Franklin Piuck has been working on websites since 1995, more than 80% of their existence. Years of experience building sites for artists has helped him develop artistic skill in site design. That is complemented by deep expertise in business, developed by an MBA from Columbia Business School, management in a Fortune 500 business and consulting experience with some of the largest business in the US.

As consultants, we assess your individual business needs, and identify solutions. As service providers, we create and implement efficient systems for your business to sell, purchase, gather sales data, market your company, enhance your branding, and more.

Our Name

Image by Chbec from Pixabay

We are called Cyberhenge in honor of Stonehenge. To this day it is a mystery how people used the technology of 4,000 years ago to craft Stonehenge so well that it still awes visitors. Built with huge stones that were somehow carried hundreds of miles, Stonehenge is a wonder of its age. Similarly, at Cyberhenge, we see the Internet as a wonder of the modern age, and hope to play a role in expanding this great creation so it will stand for generations to come.

Stonehenge was the cutting-edge technology of 2000 BC. Cyberhenge provides the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century.