Cyberhenge, Inc.

Make Your Website the Key Marketing Asset it Ought to Be

Image by Chbec from Pixabay

Yes, You Can.

There are so many DIY website building promises out there, but not so many opportunities for a guided, hand-held experience. We believe in training our clients so that updating your website is a simple task with great rewards.

Our Story
Founder Frank Piuck started building websites in 1995 as a volunteer for the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York. The World Wide Web was only 6 years old. At that point he already had 12 years of experience in business consulting & management for Fortune 500 companies. Two years later he formed Cyberhenge to help organizations take advantage of the Internet. Since then, the Internet has expanded in ways only SciFi movies could have predicted. The techniques for building sites have gotten much more complex and powerful. Today, it is an essential business tool.

In 25 years, our mission is still the same: We’re here to help your website work for you. We take your growth and company vision and create a website that can grow along with you.

With our broad experience building brochure sites, artist and artisan sites, and complex e-commerce sites, we are ready to help you too.

Never done
“Cyberhenge is never one and done. Even once we’ve built a site, I’m here for my clients whenever they are looking for assistance. More than building websites, my greatest pleasure is building customer relationships.” Frank Piuck

Our Core Values

At Cyberhenge, we listen and then help you develop a site suited to your needs and goals. Every question you ask is valid, heard, and addressed.

Your vision along with our expertise is the formula for a unique website and a proud website owner. The best sites are created as a team effort. Even when working with talented artists, we find that the collaboration process leads to better sites than either party designing alone.

We want our clients to be largely self sufficient.

Knowledge Support
We are here to give you the training, guidance, and tools you need to maintain and update your site yourself. When you run into a problem with your platform, we fix it for you if we know how. If not, we talk to platform tech support on your behalf so you don't have to. If we can be of help beyond getting your website up, we are glad to provide it.

Our Name

We are called Cyberhenge in honor of Stonehenge. To this day it is a mystery how people used the technology of 4,000 years ago to craft Stonehenge so well that it still awes visitors. Built with huge stones that were somehow carried hundreds of miles, Stonehenge is a wonder of its age. Similarly, at Cyberhenge, we see the Internet as a wonder of the modern age, and hope to play a role in expanding this great creation so it will stand for generations to come.

Stonehenge was the cutting-edge technology of 2000 BC. Cyberhenge provides cutting-edge technology of the 21st century.