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Build Your Own Website with Cyberhenge Coaching

The Challenge

There are a lot of services out there that promise you can build a site with them easily and inexpensively. The promises are all similar but the demos are confusing, and sometimes the vocabulary is mystifying. How do you know which to choose? And once you have chosen a platform, how do you know which theme or template to choose?

The good news is that a lot of these platforms offer very good value. Most of them enable you to build a site that will look good. The bad news is that esthetics are not enough. If you have never done it before, you can still build website that doesn't do the job you need it to do.

We have been there already. We have built websites from scratch and on numerous platforms. We know the opportunities and the pitfalls. We can guide you through the process to arrive at a site you can be proud of and can manage yourself. Even if you already have a site, we can help you make it better.

The Process - If you already have a website

Every week we have a 60 minute Zoom meeting. In the first meeting, we review what your goals are, and then examine the site for how well you are meeting them. We plan out a project where we will collaborate on upgrading your site. Cyberhenge will do much of the most technical work for you, or we will work on them together. You will do the day to day work yourself, with my coaching and tutoring. If we run into a problem Cyberhenge can't solve, we will talk to tech support on your behalf. And when all the objectives are met, you will have a site that meets your needs and that you are comfortable managing day to day.

The Process - If you don't have a website, or want to replace it completely

As with those who already have a site we start by defining a set of objectives. Once we agree on what the site should be, we will choose a platform. Then we look at the available design options and pick one. In once a week Zoom meetings, we add content, and modify the starting designs. Cyberhenge will do all the one off tasks, while you do the regular recurring work with our guidance and help. We provide the majority of tech support. When we run into a problem Cyberhenge does not have the answer for, we call the platform tech support on your behalf. When we get the solution we share it with you. And when you are satisfied the objectives have been met, we can end the relationship, or agree to a long term tech support plan.